Nievergelt-Pearlman Syndrome and Treatment

What is Nievergelt-Pearlman Syndrome?

Described first in 1944 by Nievergelt, Nievergelt-Pearlman Syndrome is multiple or massive tarsal coalition which is part of a more complex syndrome occurring in both sexes in 3 successive generations generations in a family.




Nievergelt-Pearlman Syndrome consists of:

  • Hearing impairment
  • Elbow dysplasia with radioulnar synostosis and subluxation of radial head
  • Dysplasia of tibia and fibula with fibula remaining longer
  • Tarsal bone synostosis (bones joining together)



How is Nievergelt-Pearlman Syndrome Treated?

There are no cures for this condition.

Surgery may be needed to correct structural deformity.

Accommodation of the deformity or supporting the foot is recommended using orthotics.

Off-loading the ball of the foot using metatarsal cushion / gel.






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Nievergelt-Pearlman Syndrome

Nievergelt-Pearlman Syndrome



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