Heel Cracks



Heel Cracks Overview

There are many potential causes of heel crack.  The most common cause of heel crack is by repeated rubbing and pressure of shoes on the heel. With time this may develop into a sore (ulcer).  The ulcer may become infected if not treated properly.

Causes of Heel Cracks:

  • Ill fitting shoes which causes friction to the heel.
  • People with diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, systemic arthritis or other medical conditions may develop heel cracks.
  • Foot deformities such as: pes planus or pes cavus.

Symptoms of Heel Cracks:

  • Thickened dry skin on the heel
  • Open sores (ulcers)
  • Pain and redness on the heel

Conservative Treatment:

  • Moisturizer creams
  • Topical debridement creams (i.e. Urea cream). Avoid using if you have allergy to urea cream.
  • Proper fitting of footwear
  • Routine reduction of thickened skin by a healthcare professional, especially in patient with diabetes, peripheral arterial disease (PAD) or  immunocompromised
  • Padding or supportive shoe gear to decrease friction on the skin
  • We advise against the use of medicated corn removal pads of any kind in any patient, especially in patients with diabetes, peripheral arterial disease (PAD) or immunocompromised.  The use of “medicated corn removal pads” in those who are at risk can cause infections which can lead to amputation.

Surgical Treatment:

Surgical intervention is recommended only if patient has failed conservative treatment options.  The specific type of surgical intervention depends on clinical findings of your condition.




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